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The Laws of Valehaven


The following is Valehaven Law: (Then and Now. Change all instances of Prince/Highness to Royal Court)


"His Royal Highness Prince Robert II has decreed that no person of the Royal Court may commit harm or death to any other persons of the Court outside of a challenge of honor. Any persons guilty of violating this decree will be stripped of all titles and priviledges and will be declared outlaw for so long as his Highness shall order. In addition, if any follower or supporter violates this decree, they shall warrant the same or stiffer punishment along with thier leader/liegelord. Ressurection costs, if applicable, will be paid by the offenders party. Any offenders will be confined to the public stocks while awaiting the Princes' decision."

Robert II,
Prince of Valehaven

"His Royal Highness Prince Robert II has decreed that any person caught in possession of the coin called Shemars will be slain for their crime on the spot."

Robert II,
Prince of Valehaven

"His Royal Highness Prince Robert II has decreed that once the Prince is declared dead Squire/Sir BS Eurbakka may reveal the treacherous background of Sir Highrider, the "Highwayman" and 1st Kissing Bandit for who he really is, and kill him at will-like the honorless dog he is. Until then it is to be kept quiet so as to not blemish the Crown, the Knighthood or eithers actions or decisions."

Robert II,
Prince of Valehaven

(This is original Valehaven Law but it is still under major rewording as it now applies only to Valehaven eventholders and not the Realms as a whole)

First off any Noble, i.e. Baron or higher, may knight any of his/her followers. Each individual Noble determines what it takes for his followers to attain knighthood in that state. By Contrast only KotR (was the Prince) may make a KotR.

Secondly, anyone knighted by his liege is a knight in his territory and his allies'* territories only. Outside of these areas other Nobles do not have to acknowledge or treat these people as knights. Courtesy dictates that they will recognize the status, but they dont have to. And we all know not everyone is courteous....

By contrast, Knights of the Realms are knights, no matter whose territory they are in, as long as the event is being operated under Realms rules. (was Law*) They take precedent over ALL other types of knights, and indeed may issue them orders or requisition them for Realms Duty as needed.

Thirdly, all knights must have a device*. If they do not carry a shield, they must have some other way to identify thier status on the field, and this method must be uniform in that territory. Example: All knights of Darkvale wear black belts, armbands, patches, ect. This method must be registered with myself. Nobles take notice.

In the case of Knights of the Realms, all of them WILL have a shield with thier device on it, along with a canton* of the Royal Arms on it. Only Knights of the Realms may bear this canton. In addition KotR must wear the white knightly belt. Only KotR may wear white belts.

Fourth, ordinary knights are sworn to their Liegelord and must support and obey him. They must also obey orders from a KotR on Realms business.

KotR are sworn to the Realms themselves, and support this above all else. They take thier orders from the Prince and the Knight Marshall of the Realms, regardless of social rank.

All knights must follow the Code Chivalry* and conduct themselves in a knightly manner.

Because the KotR are favored by the patron gods of the Realms, they have a rather unique ability; a KotR may ignore any one killing blow in each battle he engages in. Of course Chivalry prevents the use of this ability in tourneyments.

KotR have all healing and ressurection costs paid by the Prince. Take precedence in seating arrangements. And eat first. This means they go to the head of the line.

While not required, all knights are encouraged to take on squires. Part of a squires duties consist of running errands, helping the knight with his armor, and carrying the knight's shield and weapons. Choose your squires carefully.


(More to come. still have to edit a few things and/or give ooc explanations for some changes)
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