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Known members of the Kingdom of Valehaven:

Prince Robert II. Also called Prince Bob. Presumed dead and eatten by trolls. All efforts at raising/returning failed. Tho rumors say he has been spotted several times since. We can only hope...

Princess Natasha of the Royal Court of Valehaven. Retired and raising at least one daughter?

Baron Marshall Sir BS Eurbakka, Knight of the Realms, High Priest of the Church of the Catlord and sometimes called Prince of the Gamblers Guild.

Kiara of the Vistani tribe of the Gypsy nation. Also called K. Supporter of Sir BS. The other Gypsies of her clan seen rarely now.

M+M. Son of K and BS. Brother of SOB. Pirate wannabe. Supporter of Sir BS. (Newbie/training)

SOB. Son of BS and K. Brother to M+M. Begun Ninja training. Supporter of Sir BS. (Newbie/suckling)

Sir Cutter McMain of Corsica. Lost in the Purple mist and abandoned by the Knights he called out to for aid... Too tenacious a quester to be dead is our hope.

Emporer StoneDragon of Tengua. Realms 1st Samarai. Presumed dead. Tho rumors of his ressurection and sightings have been had. If so he is in hiding given his lands current political state.

NoOne of Consequence. Working hard in the Northern lands. Spotted at several Baron of Dingleberry tourneys in the past.

The Ward of Peridan. Seen at several North/South Wars recently. Serving the South of course. Consumed timewise by defending his homelands and seeking good sex.

We are unsure of the whereabouts and standings of: Sir Taurdell, Dame Gil, Sir Glenn and Dame Trista. Rumors are there haven been spottings of them over the years but these grow rarer and rarer. We wish them the best in life and always hope to see them again soon.

Valehaven Allies:

FOLKSTONE- King Jerrod and Sir BS have recently refirmed the old alliances of the North and South and his Highness has given his backing/blessings to BS' rebuilding of this near destroyed/forgotten Kingdom.
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