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"I Hope this will not die, WE have worked hard to get this where it is this day and NO ONE shall bring it down. It makes no difference who it be. Royalty, slave or freeman this must live on. We have become brothers and sisters of War and Peace, Sacrifice and Reward, Good time and bad, and loyalty to one another. There should be an unwritten Trust between all of us. These are the people you eat with, fight with, live with, die with, do not let something small come between any of us. We are made of better things, We are Pride, We are Honor, We are Just, We are Loyal, We are Self Sacrificing, We are Humble, We are as Strong as our weakest link, We are The ARMY OF VALEHAVEN !

Thank you one and all for your undieing support,"

Prince Robert II

"Be true to yourself" This means many things to many people and long ago I swore a vow to protect the Kingdom of Valehaven at all costs. When the Prince died and Princess Meg left to run Chimeron I slowly watched the lands I swore to defend dwindle to near nonexistant. Todays maps not even showing it apon them. I sat back and hoped the Prince or Princess would return. I later tried calling apon my knightly order and Princess Natasha to work on running the lands. Sadly those knights that agreed backed out of thier agreements and have left the order and these lands. I also left in depression thinking there was nothing I alone could do. But I know now that was not being true to myself, that was falling prey to a sadness that until recently has consumed me. I have returned to save my lands even if I have to rally an army and rebuild what was destroyed. I will not break my vows like those that left and abandon my country over the death of one man.

Where Blood once ran these lands now blood will run them again. But not that necessarily of Royalty but of blood taken in combat and lost in hard labor. Where once Charisma alone could have made a King now only proving oneself can in our lands. The South will not die from memory! We may have less links in our chain but this time we will forge the chain stronger. We are Patient also.

Valehaven (some call New Valehaven) is slowly being rebuilt. Any assistance is appreciated! Huzzah!
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