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When I first arrived in these lands Valehaven was a large chunk of the eastern coast. There were a few other lands but they were either allies to Valehaven or neutral. The slightest aggression towards the Kingdom would have resulted in it gathering together and annihalating whoever was so foolish. The King and Queen mother left the lands in the hands of a young Prince named Robert the 2nd. Tho he prefered Prince Bob strangely enough amongst friends. He was a charismatic leader who threw many a tourney for the nobles of these lands long ago. Many of old refer to the time of his rule as the "Golden Years".

During these times Noble titles were earned and not just taken. Money was always valuable and magic was scarce and unneeded other then to heal the dead and wounded. People tended to all know one another and helped each other out when needed without being asked. We gathered as an army to fight obsticles and threats to the Kingdom and its throne. We all shared the drinking horn, laughed and partyed together awaiting our next challenge afterwards.

Around the time of the Evil Mage and Troll King appearing and trying to kill the Prince he fell in love with a barmaid from Uni-stella named Meg and not long afterwards I was the Priest that married them. Life seemed golden until one day the Prince never returned from his travels to Blacklavar. He was apparently eatten by trolls and all attempts to return him to life failed. His people were shattered and not sure what to do. I like many others turned to Meg to lead only to watch as she left her position to take a higher role in a new nation- influenced by what I still believe as being blatantly false wills of Prince Robert that slighted Meg in an anger he never showed her before when with her or his people. (I still own a copy that is indistinguishable from the other two other then one line leaving control of Valehaven to me) I was one of few to believe this tho and the beginnings of the Kingdoms end began. I dont blame Meg for what happened. She was following her heart.

Not long afterwards a shattering of the caste system happened. Around the time of Princess Meg leaving Valehaven to become Queen of a new country called Chimeron Duchess Kara was made a Queen and the Princess of Blacklavar followed suit. Many people left after the death of Bob or followed Meg into Chimeron. Valehaven as we knew it was no more nor expected to do more then simply disappear...

Many times I attempted to gather Valehavens knights to fix this in vain. When I did finally meet with Princess Natasha of Valehaven and what knights I could reach we agreed to work as a group to stop this. Not long afterwards it was decided that a new Knight Commander for the Knights of the Realms was needed to lead as Sir Taurdehel was busy with his life and retireing after long years of noble service to the Crown. In a private meeting I Sir BS was voted unanamously as Commander. This and my knighting being my two proudest moments. At the official Knightly meeting the vote was taken again publicly and with no word or explanation the new knight Sir Kugan was voted into the position! Not long afterwards he handed his belt to Emporer Stonedragon and left the order and these lands followed by Sir Highrider. This left a new generation of Knights that cared not for the Kingdom or its customs. All backing towards keeping Valehaven alive went away with them my fellow knights and thier vows to these lands....

I was overwhelmed by what happened during those times and was seen little. I threw several tourneys and gatherings then finally decided I needed to take a rest and decide if continuing my quest was even worth it or whether I was chasing windmills.

Now many years later Valehaven is no longer even shown on local maps and only the elves and elderly even remember its name or history. The Borderlands and many small fiefdoms scattered everywhere where once the great nation stood long long years before.
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