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Historical Guilds


The 3 oldest Guilds in Valehaven are/were:

1) Gambler's Guild: they kept track of money's worth in these lands while testing it at the poker table. Met more then monthly for many years...) Prince: Sir BS (considered honorific title at best) is currently honing his skills at Uni-Stella Hold'em.

A list of the original Gamblers Guild founding members and second meeting addons:
1) Sir Cutter McMain (Mark Marciel)
2) (Lisa Turcotte)- Booted from Guild and under scalping orders from Prince BS
3) Sun Grub (Jason Fierro)
4) Sir BS (Phill Lamson) PRINCE of Guild
5) (Niel K)
6) Emporer StoneDragon (Peter Desilva)
7) Methos, Methos III,Ceriden V.O., Nabilat ben Elufaal, Xam (Jonathan Berman)
8) Blue (Jason "Vampire" Weissman)
9) Jelm Kisa Fireeyes Grub (Jaysn Morse)
10) Thumper Grub (Kiko)
11) (Kia Price)
12) (Jessie Watson)
13) NoOne of Consequence (Lee Hayes)
14) Face (Dave)
15) Soloman (Dwain)
16) Sir Shean O'Quinlin (Andy Disbrow)
17) ?
18) ?
19) ?
20) ?
21) Swan

It is entirely possible 17-20 never got filled to my knowledge but then again my memory fails sometimes...

Guild Rules let out...
1) A seat at any guild table must be given up by nonmembers to any guild member seeking a seat. They have dibs on the next open seat no matter who was next.
2) A cheater caught must match the current pot the 1st time... after that beware...
3) A nonmember joining in pays the starting kitty twice when he 1st joins the table.

2) Bookmakers' Guild (Bards and information-gatherers. These people make a profit gathering/selling information for the Royal Court and its safety)
Angus Coville
Pol Coville
Randal the Light
Rob Scarlet
I'm missing a couple, I feel.
They were the old, old thieves/assassins guild.

3) Blacksmiths Guild (Armorers and blacksmiths for the Royal Court and it's armies)

1) Aaron Addison
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