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Delta of Possibilities

My colleagues and I have been studying the Delta of Possibilities for several years now, and I figured it might be time to explain to others what the Delta is. The Delta of Possibilities is a location within the Dreaming which is filled with all the what-ifs and what-could-be's people have ever thought of. It's filled with wishes and desires; regrets and missed opportunities. But somewhere in the Delta, in the very center of it, exists something fragile and magical. Something that can take a thousand lifetimes to find otherwise. In the center of the Delta of Possibilities lies the truth from which all what-ifs branch off from further and further. This can not be modified in order to change reality, but it can be studied and learned from.
Beyond the Font of Truth are the individual skerries that make up the tributaries for the Delta of Possibilities. The closer to the Font of Truth the skerry lies, the closer to how history played out it will be. This is often where how different battles could have played out, or if a person did not make it to a location in time. The further away from the Font of Truth, the more radical the changes become. Far away from the truth lies situations such as "what would happen if magic was never discovered", or "if gods didn't exist" or even "if everyone was a giant spider". It is hard to learn from these locations, but they could still be learned from.
The Font of Truth doesn't go into the future, but the Delta of Possibilities does contain a region that we have named the Swamp of Speculation. The Swamp contains the speculation of what could be coming that anyone has ever dreamed of. It contains hopes and dreams as well as fears and nightmares. It can be the best of places, or the most dangerous of places. It is advised not to go there if avoidable, for it contains many worries and fears, but going into the skerries is the only way to determine.
We have scryed upon the Delta, and we discovered your name, along with others who may be interested in investigating it further. We have the means to send some people's minds there for a night, although recently a group has started to seek us out to steal her for their own nefarious purposes. We will leave clues for you to find us on the 25th of April. Seek us then.

~Hildebrand Featherweight~
Order of Many Pasts
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