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The Iron Road

The Risen Kingdoms have constructed a road crafted of cold iron through the Fae Wildes as part of their effort to conquer the mortal realms. This road is, naturally, very harmful to the plane and is also a threat to the mortal realms if it cannot be neutralized. The following information has been gathered about it:
  • The road itself is guarded by those constructing it
  • It is difficult to impossible for Fae creatures to approach the road
  • The road itself is made up of large iron spikes which are magically held in place. This magic can be removed through the solving of a maze at which point the spike can be removed. If two spikes are removed, this can form a weak point.
  • The road is nearly completed as of Black and White 1015 and the Risen Kingdoms have started to attempt to enter the mortal realms by way of the soft spots in Chimeron
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