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Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: Feast of Chimeron 24
Date: May 8th, 1016
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn (and others)
(While I have found pages, if anyone else does, feel free to add them to this article. - Iawen)

The Fabrication gathered information about the fears of this world. They are far more varied than those of simple peasants, or even vassal lords. We must be wary.
From its mind we have extracted:
- A simple bandit.
- A towering metal man, like a golem, brass in color.
- A troll
- A snake
- A human with intense magical might, dressed in blue, who spoke with the authority of the King of his land, controlled by some dark power.
- A giant, beetle-like insect, larger than a human. It is as dark as the sky and surrounded by points of light.
- A bear
- A roiling moss of Chaos (similar to, but different from, the Void).

^ The original

The other is too large to be arcane-ly placed into this tome to be viewed, so I shall write down the notes, then shrink this piece of parchment down to its' vital symbols.


This Circle will cause an audible noise (a "knock") to emanate from the other side of the portal it is cast on. As it is a fairly minor effect, a minimal binding is all that is necessary, and the lines of power may be trivial. However, a warded portal, or an alert that should be heard farther, may require more potent components as usual.

Additional foci: At the left side, place a small quartz stone, a symbol of Self. At the right side, place a coin, which commands attention. This must be cast within 10 feet of an open portal.
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