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The Resistance

Never Forget.

Andre Buchanan was a Blacksmith. Expert Craftsman: Gain a learning of Repair Item as per the spell. Silver Sheen: Allow a weapon to call Silver until the end of the gathering or until broken.

Titus Farley & Summer Knox were Zealots. Unshakable Conviction: Under the effects of a permanent Protect the Soul. Blood of the Martyr: May take the wounds of another upon themselves, up to and including Slag.

Darren Sykes was a Wizard. Minor Trinket: Gain a learning of Cantrip as per the spell. Mystic Weave: Gain a learning of Armor Cloak as per the spell.

Len Mirritt & Haywood Rich were Templars. Holy Might: Gain a learning of Enchant Blade as per the spell. Unshakable Conviction: Under the effects of a permanent Protect the Soul.

Audrey Mack was a low-level Seer who had Divine Sight and thus a learning of Fortune Tell, as per the spell.

Neil Barton was MORE than just a Drunk... Dulled Senses: May ignore calls of Pain by calling 'Resist Pain!' Higher Calling: Gain a learning of Divine Aid as per the spell.

The Resistance were simply dark blue tabbards, although some had pipings/trim of kelly green on the edges. Their main leader, or commander, was called Gerard, and he was a thin, young man whose eyes were old and failing (hence thick glasses). They were up against The Risen Kingdom and all the Void Abominations and such, dressed in Red with two Yellow Rings intertwining.

...So you could say it was Blue versus Red.

If you are reading this and can recall other members of The Resistance, please, add them here or in the Discussion/Comments. - Sir Iawen Penn

April 12, 1017 M.R. - was able to find the three letters referencing them in my notes. - Penn

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