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3-Headed Beast & Others

So, I went to the End of the Multi-verse, and there it was: The Western Front.
The Void consumes All.

Well, that sucks.

Thank you, Tuilli. Cassin. Swoop. Jean Baptiste. Darkspire. Now, to share the rest of the information with the Realms:

Garuk - The Three Headed Beast

Requires - 3 Voidbringers
Garuk Left Arm
Void Armor: 5 pt floating
Void Vulnerability: Silver
Armor: 5 pt. floating
Weapon: 6'6"

Garuk Right Arm
Void Armor: 5 pt floating
Void Vulnerability: Silver
Armor: 5 pt. floating
Weapon: 6'6"

Garuk Left Arm
Void Armor: 5 pt floating
Void Vulnerability: Silver
Armor: 5 pt. floating
Weapon: 6'6"

Garuk Head
Void Armor: 5 pt floating
Void Vulnerability: Silver
Void Retribution: Howl and yell "All Void Creatures, rise and fight!"
Armor: 5 pt. floating
Weapon: Single short, can throw Fireball (starts with 2 props, can pick up loose ones)

The day seemed won, as the Voidbringers and their creations began to withdraw. As they rallied together for what seemed like a final desperate push, they began to chant: "Garuk! Garuk! Garuk!" My companions looked at each other, unsure of what to make of the chant. It was then we saw it. A twisted creation with three heads and razor sharp claws. The chanting grew louder, now to an almost deafening level. We braced ourselves, as the beast began to run at us. Prepared to engage, our defense was suddenly broken as two men burst into flames! Fire had spouted from the monster's mouth and more followed. What few barricades we had were engulfed in flames, as were most of the men. A few remaining defenders engaged the beast, but were soon torn apart by wicked teeth. At the sight of this, the rest of us ran, hoping to escape the monster's rage. But even as I lost sight of the beast, the chanting still rang in my ears: "Garuk! Garuk! Garuk!" -- Octavio Ayers

Beast of Rage

Requires: Arm Brace of Lights and a Keeper (any other Voidbringer).
Void Armor: 3 point sectional.
Void Vulnerability: Magic or Silver, dependent on Creature's choice.
Void Retribution: 10 second battle rage
Imbue: If hit by Imbue, it either resets the armor, can take it as a combat raise, or change the current Vulnerability to the other one.
Armor: 3 point sectional.
Weapon: Yes. The Beast of Rage will lash out at anything, except for its Keeper who wears the Arm Brace of Lights. The Arm Brace of Lights is stealable.

"Controlling the Void is an illusion, a lie we tell ourselves to feel powerful. We could no sooner tell the Sun when to set or the stars how bright to shine. One merely needs to see the natural creatures of the Void to understand the madness which manifests there. We must step off this path, for it will surely leads to our destruction." -- Tomek Melzt, Priest of Yorn

Spirit of the Void

Requires - Device of some sort
up to 2 Void Emanations
up to 5 Spirits

Void Emanations
Void Armor: 2 point armor
Void Vulnerability: Magic or Silver, chosen at creature's creation.
Void Retribution: If it dies, it yells, "Void, I am slain!"
Imbue: If hit with Imbue, either resets armor, taken as a combat raise, or switches Vulnerability.
Armor: 2 point floating.
Weapon: Single-short (so far).

Void Armor: 5 pt floating
Void Vulnerability: Stay near the Device.
Weapon: None.
Special: When they hear 'Void, I am slain!', they run to the emanation and call "Imbue!", similar to our CRD. If they don't die or aren't dispersed, they then return to the device.

Fascinating! With enough preparation and the help of a Circle or two, the Void itself can be forced to take shape as any number of objects! With such a process, there's no limit to the number of Void creations we could experiment with! Of course, my colleagues are jealous of my findings, calling such work dangerous. They have even gone so far as to claim they can hear whispering coming from the objects and see strange shadows being cast. Preposterous! -- Greydon Posh, Royal Researcher

Light of Betrayal

Void Armor: Unknown (None?)
Void Vulnerability: Pretty squishy.
Weapon: Dagger only.
Special: Unlimited Death Wish, and the spell Light.
Looks: I saw a man wearing a mask of scarlet, white, and ebony, and yet so splintered were the colors upon the face that I could not tell where the mask ended and the head began. And thus he donned a hood and mantle of dark maroon, with two golden rings of eternity etched onto his chest, and I knew then as I watched him slip out the door that this was no longer anything I could truly call 'a man'.

Early in the war, we took comfort in the light. Light seemed to be the only constant in an otherwise deadly world, filled with Void abominations. We thought it would always keep us safe, keep us together. Only too late did we realize the light was not our salvation...it was our death. -- Edward Robb

Void Zealots

Armor: 10 pt floating
Imbue: Resets the armor
Weapon: Any, Armor-Piercing
Weakness: Each swing of AP removes a pt of the floating armor. Cannot swing AP if all armor is gone.

The flame which burns twice as bright, burns half as long, but this is a human limitation. The Void can burn twice as bright indefinitely, for the Void is truly limitless. -- Xeraph, Void Philosopher

Void Spinner

Spells: Armored Cloak, Heal Limb, Imbue x 10, Cry of Imbue x 1
Imbue: Allows this caster to touch a target and call Imbue, giving them some amount of power (effect based on the target).

Be it spinning thread or spinning the Void, the process is the same. It takes patience, a good eye, and the right tools. With all three, you can create a binding stronger than any force. If you're missing just one...you're just going to make a mess. -- Elena Triskwater, Void Spinner

So, the last of the monsters, we did not get a chance on The Western Front to figure out anything other than 'their names'. They are: Void Guardian, Void Abomination, and Strand of the Void. ...the last one I wrote there? Looks like a green and sickeningly-white/yellow Bois. I wish I was joking. What the actual @#$*. Anyway... Those are all the monsters The Western Front had at that Time Period, not including the Great Slag Monster at the End. Erussalg? What was its name?

...does it matter? Yikes! - Sir Iawen Penn, while wandering around

(added on the seventh of August, 1016 M.R.)
Research on Void Spinners completed. While using a spell that Assassins are the most skilled in, called Shapeshift, one can make themselves look like Void Spinners and other monsters (provided they have actually *seen* that monster before). While actual Risen Kingdom forces are probably tied to something dark and sinister, merely looking like them is, at this time, safe. If you wish to garner a Protect the Soul before you Shape-Shift into any of their monster types, that might be a safe bet. Remember, these things don't talk. In fact, pretty much the majority of the monsters don't talk (OOC: they call armor and effects, though, so don't cheat).
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