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Papers were thrown about and knowledge was scattered; however they are notes about the Risen Kingdom or other things pertaining to it.
- At the Summit Meeting, why did the herald kill the lead Risen Kingdom diplomat? What were his motives? What happened to him? His name was Anthony, he was supposedly a rogue agent within the RK, but some also thought he was a cultist to a dark god.
- This ministry from the Risen Kingdom were called...? The Preservers. What happened to them? (No answer yet.) Why did they not stop all these Voidlings?They are a rogue faction, an extremist group. You would have to seance them...
- What was the turning point from the Summit Meeting? What turned this from a friendly negotiation into a full-fledged war?
- If Pygor Starblade is in fact an Emissary, then who is the Risen King/Fallen King?
Notes acquired on quests:
While the other Houses deal in shows of strength and numbers, Triskwater [of which Virgil is head of] understands the use of subtlety, trickery, and illusions, as well as the deadly strikes of an assassin.
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