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Letter 15

Author: Lord Roger Byecross
Place/Gathering Discovered: unknown
Date: July 27th, 1010
Transcribed by: Aven
Once you have acquired Lord Valas, bring his body into the
Western lands, to the area near the former nation of
Archendale. It is marked on the oldest map of the Realms.
That land was consumed by Void, which should give you additional
protection from scrying. A small village known as Maeverton is
friendly to Mercenaries and Travelers, you should be able to
acquire lodgings there.

Ride around the north edge of the Blackwood forests, but do
not venture into Creathorne. You will pick up the southwest
road towards the old lands of Darkvale and Blackavar. This
road is lightly traveled. Do not stop at any towns or inns.

You will need to travel in haste. Our magi will attempt to
screen your departure, and throw off any pursuit. But you will
need to move using the cover of darkness, along lesser-traveled
roads. Be prepared for highwaymen and vermin such as trolls.
Avoid magic, unless it is a last resort. The lands to the West
are of lesser population.

Once you arrive, members of The Shield will meet with you,
using the prearranged signs. They will take the body, and you
will disperse.

For the Circle and the Guild,
Lord Roger Byecross
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