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Letter 12

Author: Lord Roger Byecross
Place/Gathering Discovered: unknown
Date: July 27th, 1010
Transcribed by: Aven
The Circle has determined your mark. The Lord of Achoria,
Valas Baneshot, is to feel the hand of the Guild. You will
need to select a member to replace him, based upon the
following information.
He is six foot four, approximately twenty stone. A stocky
build, blonde hair, pale skin, blue eyes; usually dressed in heavy
blue and white clothing, even in the desert. His failing vision
requires him the use of glasses. Please remember this small
detail. He is originally from the Blackwood Territories, from a
Village known as Fletcher’s Country. This land has been cut
off from the Circle by hordes of undead, which means we have
suffered the loss of some of the best archery stock in the
lands. The boy Valas was taken from us when the grand
conjuration ritual was completed; may Hektor rest in pieces.
Now, there is a chance to return him to the Guild, and cull
him into submission to our cause. You will have to take him in
his office, as he feels safe there. He does not attend any
You will need to move in the early morning or afternoon, when
the guards switch off, almost always in pairs. While he may
have some attending adventurers with him, he should be
distracted by office duties. Remember, he has a fast mount
and is protected by Embrace Death, so you will need to
search him for his phylactery, and disenchant it.

For the Circle and the Guild,
Lord Roger Byecross

(a purple field with a black circle and star are here)
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