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Letter 1

Ser Steelhart,

You should know that there are greater forces at work. Everyone has a story to tell. In this case, I shall tell you mine: There are traitors in our midst. Our spies and wizards have shown us the true enemy: the southern Hammer Sect! Even now, they plot against our great mission to free our Ancient Leader, and destroy the Prophesy! I bid you, earnestly, to seek out the Hammer Leadership, and show them the error of their ways. You are the Shield of the Guild, and we rely on your arm in this time of ultimate crisis. The woman must not escape with the last Harkon child. Also: alert High Master Jeremiah that we are most pleased with his entrapment magics, but that Wayland is very much intertwined with Faerie. He would do well to find another way.

For the Circle and the Guild,

Lord Roger Byecross

(a black pentacle filled in in purple is here)
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