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Letter 3

Unto the High Masters of the Circle,

It has been some time since my last letter to you, and you have yet to respond to any. In point of fact, no information has been given to us, in spite of the existence of an "investigation" into the murder of our leadership, with this sect quaking in their boots. This is the group you wish me to lead (small burn mark). Given no supplies, no transition; nothing?

If there is no letter one moon after I have sent this, then I shall know that the Guild is abandoning this sect to its fates...and I cannot in good conscience allow these good people, who believe as strongly I do, to take the fall for everything the Guild has ever done. It will be a better choice but to call for the disbanding of the Hammer Sect, and urge all of their remaining members to disavow any knowledge of Faerie or the Fae, in hopes that if we leave them alone, they will leave us alone, and thus the Guild rules are still followed; the one being 'Let not Faerie lead your astray, never show them the light of day'.

I shall continue on the course of action, unless the Circle personally delivers us news, and explains how the Guild will protect us, especially in the light of the Shield "accidentally" killing my predecessor. Yes, I know about the Harkon line (all Masters and above do), but her death was uncalled for, even if one feels she was hasty or misguided.

For the Hammer,
Master Wintas Yarwen

(a black pentacle filled in in green is here)
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