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Letter 6

If this letter has reached you, it means that the end of the Hammer Sect is upon us, as I have seen. I urge you to take the utmost precautions to protect yourself, your family, and your fellow townsmen. The Circle refuses to assist us, and has not responded to any of our requests, which proves the visions true. The Shield and Torch have been far scattered by chaos and battle; they are too caught up in their own personal glory and marches against Faerie. We stand alone...but we will not fall. I am attempting to gather more aid for our cause, reaching outside to others for assistance. I will travel to the Great City, to enlist others in our struggle. Continue your works as you always have, unnoticed, arm yourselves, and await further instructions. If you wish to not engage any longer, simply send this letter back, re-sealed, and Jesse will convey to me that you wish to be left in peace. As per the oath sworn, we *will* respect that.

All will be well, do not fear. We will overcome this, for tragedy tends to happen in threes, and I can think of none greater then separation so soon after our two beloved leaders have been dispatched under mysterious circumstances known only to the Circle. However, we are the Hammer. We *did* swear that oath. Our inventions, our service, our pact with Him who We Edify will guide me in this tumultuous time. I will hit whatever land is necessary with words that strike true like any hammer's blow on the anvil; I will plead our case publicly, if needs be. Rest assured, none of you will be implemented if it comes to that. Jesse and I will bear the full burden.

In the mean time, remember: the Light is always with you, even if you do not believe or revere Aurora. She will certainly take notice of this situation, of that I have no doubt. Have hope in your gods, and I shall petition mine.

Good luck to all of us,

Wintas Yarwen and Jesse Greenwood

(a black pentacle filled in in green is here)

(In green text) Gaelen, I'm sorry, I will try to help you as much as I can. Stay safe! -- finn
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