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Letter 13

Author: Lord Roger Byecross
Place/Gathering Discovered: unknown
Date: July 27th, 1010
Transcribed by: Aven
Once you arrive in Achoria, which will not be difficult, you must
dispose of your possessions, and become citizens of the land. Two
of you will need to become part of the Guard Rotation. You
have been given a token of introduction from one of the
neighboring countries that share patrol duties with Achoria.
Use it to gain access. The remaining three should join the city
as residents. Remember, they are a religious people, so one of
you should attend worship.
You will need desert clothing and survival gear and as much of
the local currency as you can acquire. They accept most Coin
of the Realms. You will need to study their tales and legends,
as well as get accustomed to their climate. Remember, they
are a people who toil in the sun, and may have unusual food.
You have time, move slowly, but with purpose and determination.
You should be able to purchase several of the fast desert
mounts for your escape. Our diviners tell us that there are
several merchants who work the town square, and hire people
new to the city.
Once established, find the alchemical store at the end of the
Marketplace. Jawala’s is a two-story building, and they
should have the aloe, branwetta, creosote and indhira required
to make a diminishing potion. These plants are used in various
cures and salves, so the purchase should not raise any attention.

For the Circle and the Guild,
Lord Roger Byecross
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