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Planned Missives

Type of Missve: Sent to two people.
Date: October 1002
Responses: One
Dual Hidden Order Missives to Cinnabar and Trent
To Cinnabar of Folkestone and Lord Trent:

Greetings, to two other fellow members of Team Chaos. Both of you are
recieving the same letter from me.

My name is Bouquet d'Amandes. I am also on Team Chaos with many
others that I am sure both of you already know, so no need to repeat names lest
the missives fall into the wrong hands.

I am an Alchemist that first completed the ritual to the Hidden Order,
denying the powers of the gods. Since then I have been in close contact with
the Creature and with Girthane, a beautiful Healer with a very powerful curse.
I have also recieved visions on what the 'prize' as some call it, might very
well be; the Hidden Order so far have shown me everything I ask.

I know that one of the blessings of being on Team Chaos is that we can
never be converted. However, that is not to say we will not be scalped. But
you are both mighty warriors, so I know you have also thought of this.

My favor to ask is if the two of you (who I am assuming are the
leaders of our group) have any plans or ideas you wish to undertake, I would
like to know before the set time when we all meet. Nothing is wrong with
planned chaos, so long as we are the ones with the plans, I say.

If you would care to know more about the god-slaying weapon, the
powers I have at my disposal, or what kind of boon we can recieve for doing
certain things, please contact me. I myself, have more questions to ask, but I
must make this letter short as Girthane and I are now needed to heal.

May Oberon guide your steps and Titania light the way.
- Bouquet d'Amandes
Unto Bouquet d'Amandes and Lord Trent Shadowdragon of Achoria
This missive is mostly for the benefit of Bouquet, as Trent knows me as
well as any one can claim. As a Knight of Chaos, I live by a simple creed, if
an idea should come to me, then I follow it. With the burden of leadership
lifted from my shoulders, this simple philosophy has become even easier to
follow. I do not believe that Chaos can be directed, nudged perhaps, and once
in awhile, even nudged in a beneficial way. I will not take up the onerous
burden of co-directing the team Chaos. I shall have my hands full instructing
my squire in the mysteries of that path we have chosen. Should the Hidden
Order desire some goal of Chaos, or if these games are a means of attempting
to gain control over a force which cannot be controlled, then they have my
pity. If these trials are simply for their amusement, then they have my
respect. Either way, I care nothing for their prizes and rewards. You may
even, at times, have a difficult time discerning whether I am even attempting
to play their games. I doubt it will be much different with Trent.
I have little doubt that Chaos will prevail, it is too deeply rooted
in the Realms for it to be otherwise. Time and time again forces have risen
against it, but like the primal force that it is, Chaos has weathered every
challenge. These games will be no different. The only advice I have to give,
is to let what will happen, happen. You will see that we are all the more
successful for it. My own subtle inquiries into these matters have revealed
that team Evil will be working in conjunction with us...or so they suppose.
In the end all are wheat awaiting harvest.
In ending, if you have any further questions Bouquet, I will be happy
to blather and bluster on at length, making little to no sense. It is what I
excel at. Until we meet, I wish you well.
Sir Cinnabar of Folkestone, Knight of Chaos
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