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Abjurer: Mundane: 10 Uses: Verbal: “I am Mundane!” User is considered non-Enchanted for a single Spell effect/ attack or magical barrier that does not admit Spell Casters. This means you may walk through 1 circle as if a fighter, ignore 1 person chanting Protection from Enchanted Being, the Scalping effect of Hide the Soul per use or any spell effect that effects enchanted creatures (including Enfeeble Being). You may also swing a weapon outside your normal restriction: 1 Use per swing, if you connect or not. This may NOT be used to wear Armor outside your restriction.

Alchemist: Potion of Forgetfulness - 10 applications. Person forgets how to use their Spells and/ or Ability for the remainder of the event, or until a Cure Disease, Purity, Unweaving or Power Heal is cast on them. Can be poured on the skin, or used on a weapon.. If you swing and do not connect, the use is still considered used.

Assassin(fighter): Dodge: 5 Uses Verbal: “Dodge!” User may ignore any single Physical attack

Assassin (Spell Caster): Dodge: 5 Uses Verbal: “Dodge!” User may ignore any single Physical attack.

Barbarian: Battle Rage: 5 Uses. 1 use puts the user in a rage of invulnerability for 10 seconds. You are invulnerable to all weapons, spells and Abilities during this time. You must count out loud, from 10 to 1, after which you have your normal abilities and effects. This ability is not an excuse for charging! If you are caught charging while using this Ability, this ability will be taken from you for the remainder of the game, despite the amount of uses you have left. Fight safely!

Blacksmith: Spell and Ability Reset: 1Use: You may Rest Your Spells and all the Spells and Abilities of people who are touching you at the time you call the Rest. They all MUST be touching you. You cannot reset your own Ability or have it reset by anyone else.

Channeler: Spirit Form: 10 uses, May use other people’s Abilities or Regionals from within the Aspect the caster belongs to, so long as they know what it is and what it does. For example, the Channeler my use 1 use to have Iron Will and another to Use Transmorph, etc. so long as there are people in their Aspect that have those abilities.

Healer: Unweaving - 10 uses, you must touch the recipient. Allows user to undo the effects of any Spell or Ability. This spell has a WIDE range of uses, just tell the person specifically what you are unweaving. If the affliction was chronic (i.e. earned before the event), the effect only lasts for the duration of the event.

Necromancer: Vampiric Strike: 5 Uses: User can “store” the life force of another creature in their body until they are killed themselves, and use it. For example, If you Kill a creature, calling Vampiric Strike with your weapon, that energy remains in you until you die, then you may use it to come “alive” again. NOTE: This is NOT stackable; only 1 kill can be stored at any time. HOWEVER user does NOT have to have their soul on them in order to use the stored life. They will become as per the Hide the Soul spell for immunities (but NOT the regenerative aspect). AND it can be used in conjunction with Hide the Soul to raise the user if hit with Magic.

Paladin: Conversion - 10 uses, can be cast on a weapon or by touch. Converts the target to your Aspect. If you swing and do not connect, the use is still considered used.

Protection: Protection from Ability: 10 Uses. User is able to call “Protection” to any Ability Attack: If cast on a weapon, you still have to take the blow.

Seer: Spy: 5 Uses. Can be used on other players to see their Group and Individual goals. This spell must be used in a NON- COMBAT SITUATION. Effected player must hand over their goals for your perusal. Once you are done reading them (please be brief or copy them down), hand them back. OR you may blow all 5 uses to have The Game Keeper hand you a copy of ONE of the other Aspects’ group goals.

Shaman: Transmorph - 5 uses, can be cast on a weapon or by touch. Eliminates the target’s Ability for the remainder of the Event. If you swing and do not connect, the use is still considered used.

Soldier: Iron Will - 5 uses, can ignore another person’s Ability or Regional. For example, if someone Calls “Power Attack” or “Conversion” while swinging a weapon, you may call “Iron Will” against it, however it does you cannot ignore the normal weapon blow.

Sorcerer: Flesh to Stone: 5 Uses. May be cast on your weapon or Magic Missile. Turns recipiant to stone, regardless of where they are hit, even in the weapon or shield. Only Power Cure or Unweaving will cure this, if the spell gets through their defense spells or Abilities.

Swashbuckler: Killing Blow: 10 Uses. 1 Use per Swing. You are SO GOOD at sword fighting, killing is second nature! This acts like Armor-piercing poison, in that it penetrates all armor and no matter where it hits on the body, it is a killing blow. There is no effect if it is blocked by a Shield or weapon. A use is expended even if you do not connect.

Thief: 5-Finger Discount: 5 Uses: User can speak this phrase on living or dead while touching the recipient. Recipient must give over all stealable items. If alive, they do not realize immediately they have been robbed. Counters Deep Pockets. Power defend counters this spell and recipient is aware of the attempted theft

Warmarch: Repair by Blood: 10 uses: Can regenerate all physical armor (up to 2 pts per location) that covers their body per use, BUT the user must have killed something immediately before use. One use will regenerate every piece of armor on your body at that moment. Armor MUST be worn in order for it to take effect.
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