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The Four Regionals

Regional Spells:(fighters should read this as well, so they know the calls)

There are only 4 regionals; anyone with a Regional slot may choose only one of them. The number of castings you have is equal to the number of the circle numbers you have for Regional. For example, If Tim the Mage has a 1st and 5th Regional, he will have 6 castings of a single power spell. Power Spells are not transferable. The Regional Spells are:

Power Attack: On a live body, this is Armor Piercing. On a dead one, it will scalp them. It will also have varied effects on Aspects and their challenges. This spell can be used on Magic Missiles as well as Arrows.

Power Cure: Will cure the target of any affliction, including Conversion (yes, this does include being on the Void Team, but does not stop them from being undead.), poison, disease and any Ability affliction.

Power Defend: This allows you to protect against any Spell, Power attack or Ability, but and normal weapon blow. If someone yells Power Attack and hits you with a weapon, you can yell Power Defend, but this takes up 1 charge only and will absorb the weapons blow. 1 Charge per single combined attack.

Power Heal: Like a Combat Raise, it will bring up a person, even if they are scalped, if their scalp is still on them. If they are on the Void team, you must have their scalp put back on their body before using Power Heal.
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