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It is known that if the Spirit is hosted by a fighter, then the fighter would be an enchanted being.
The identities of individual Guardians should not be discussed openly. The Shadow likely knows many of them, but several have changed and it would be in everyone's best interest if he did not learn the new ones.

"When the Shadow comes to claim us all,
Blades will rise; we will not fall.
Coupant anew, a seed begins,
Coupant will bring her back again.
The Six in One, the Spirits rise.
The Hosts live on, the Faeries fly.
Six come forth, be Shadow's bane
The One from the Six bring us together again."
- Unknown

The above is a song/chant known to the Coupants. The reality is that no clan can raise her by themselves, but the clans have traditionally disagreed on how to accomplish this shared goal.

Allies/Enemies (edited by Vawn)
Agent: The spirit of Rogue Child. He is in the service of Diskordia of the Five Ladies. He can help with some information but is held by certain rules that he has not told us about as of yet. (I think this has to do with the 'god rules'. Champions and Avatars are bound to these rules, too, and you don't understand until you become like them.)
Court: A great Coupant warrior.
Amata: A Child of Fleuris, traveling with and aiding the Fleuris Guardian. Unsure of any other characteristics.
Amato: A Child of Fleuris, traveling with and aiding the Fleuris Guardian. He is very pretty and somewhat flirtatious, at least with the person he's bodyguarding.
Ducheneux the Red: An InsectaFae scribe, Rogue Child of Fleuris. Twins with the Blue. She seems to be helping us, but there is duality between her and her twin - only one of them may help us at a time, the other works against us.
Ducheneux the Blue: A fortuneteller, Rogue Child of Fleuris. Twins with the Red. The Blue was helping us, at least occasionally, but is now completely serving the Shadow. She killed her sister when she made the decision about which side to help, us or the Shadow. Uses a walking staff.She is not to be trusted.
Black Annis: There is another thread devoted to this vile creatures.

Insectafae Runes
There are specific written characters used by the Insectafae. Contact Vawn to request a copy, as the Archive is difficult to include images on.


Waking "The One" - the EndGame

As far as we know, waking The One will allow us to end the threat of the Shadow. I'm not sure how the threat will be ended - whether she'll be able to destroy the Shadow, or her being alive will make him nice again, but that would be our ultimate goal in our efforts to save the Insectafae.

The process for waking her is unclear, but this would be the place to put any relevant knowledge.

The Gifts
There were apparently 6 gifts (possibly also gifts to turn her into a fae.) that the Shadow gave the One - engagement gifts. (Was it Fae? Rekees has the brooch. Cimone has something...) I believe these play an important part. I know there was a ring and a brooch, and I know we have the ring. I do not recall the other gifts no know if they are in possession of one of the heroes of the Realms or still missing.(Do we really expect to find the remaining gifts on this quest? Seeds? Can we find out what area they're in?)
It is said that once all the Guardians/Spirits are together in the same room, they will know what to do.
Just to comment on one thing, Ducheneux the Red had once told a group of us that "re-uniting the two lovers will end the threat, for love can conquer anything, right?" or something close to that effect.
Probably part of what will happen/needs to happen once we wake The One.

~Janus Kil'tra

That makes sense in theory - the Shadow became the Shadow because his True Love was lost. If she is returned, perhaps he will become good again. (Do we know the The Shadow's True Name? When was he elven fae? Can we find out?)

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