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was looking for. If we wake up Alice, Black Annis' power will severely wither. I believe in order to wake her up, we need for her to remember her family, specifically the One. [Alice's] body is long dead, so waking her up means she will die, but she will no longer be trapped and being used as a kind of power source for Black Annis.

Black Annis is the spurned lover of the One's husband.
(Well, they weren't married yet. He was going to propose and so said Meet Me Under Yonder Tree. That's where the One died.) She felt if she could not have him, no one could and had [the One] killed. So sorrowful was he over all of this that he eventually became the Shadow, and in his twisted way wants to "destroy the imperfections" spawned from his love with the One. Meaning the Children.

Side note from Vawn: The Shadow keeps referring to his children as "imperfect beings made from an imperfect being"(Well, of course she's imperfect. She was human. Unlike elves.) Is he referring to himself or the One, and if it's the One, how does he see her as being imperfect?

This information comes from going into the Dreaming and speaking with many of the Insectafae trees - the spirits of each tree or clan.

Many divinations from Metron
November 13th, 52,025 Y.D. - Vision:
"Show me where the dreams that are troubling the sleep of Hope and Sariette are coming from."
Mirrors... many of them all reflecting images of myself back. They're everywhere, showing many reflections of myself... I walked around a bit, as through a maze, a little befuddled by what I was seeing, and then I encountered windows. I saw in each window an Insectafae, some looked familiar, some did not, all were dreaming and shivering, or reacting otherwise unfavorably to whomever had them in their hold. Others dreamt oddly: Hope, Chan, others. The vision finally halted on a map of Eagle's Rook and two lone maples, their leaves shorn, glowing brightly against the reflective mirrors, as though they were holding something back. Inside, the men and women of Eagle's Rook sleep peacefully.

What the heck do the maples stand for? I wonder if they represent Alberte (a Coupant who died) and perhaps another Coupant? They didn't used to be there. But the Coupant tree is a birch...

November 14th, 52,025 Y.D. - Dream:

I was on a rough wooden floor, but the air smelled damp and cold. Was I underground? I was very sore and my gear seemed to weigh me down more than it normally does. One of my arms was tangled in my large bag and my head pounded as though it had been kicked by a horse... I tried to get my bearings a bit, at least as much as I could. There were bodies all around me, but I couldn't tell if they were dead or asleep. Some had extensive gear, others did not. Some had green or blue for tabbards, but others had none. For some reason, I could not concentrate on their faces enough recognize them... The ceiling of the room I was in seemed very high, but the walls were angling up from the floor in strange, random directions. The walls were black, with something reflective... hard to make out...
They're everywhere.
I staggered to my feet and looked around more intently, seeing that someone else was standing up. A young man, shorter than me, thin and wearing glasses. He had a sword and shield and was wearing new leather armor. After a moment, I realized tat it was Varend, though I thought he was a caster... odd. He looked at me, made eye contact but said nothing.
I made a step forward and then clapped my hands over my ears as I was assaulted by a banshee's wail reverberating through the room. Painful and piercing, the mirrors began to shatter, debris and broken glass flying everywhere. I could barely think for the assault of the noise and could only pull my cloak around myself instead of trying to protect any others. Gritting my teeth to continual cacophony, all suddenly, mercifully, stopped. Though everything was frozen - even the glass shards in the air... I slowly became aware that I could not move either, but I could still hear. A little fae whispered to me, quietly:

"When Annis cajoled and jeered
I knew that no one leaves from here
Her fervered anger don't spare anything
In the fury of my senses
She confiscated my defenses
With all the forces of night.

...Metron. She'll get you, too."

I jolted awake with an awful tightness in my neck that I had to stretch and crick to get out.


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