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Kyomi says that Lumineux told her that Annis is the source of the sleeping sickness... the thing that's plaguing Baldaquin. She is a "nightmare come to life" (according to Lumineux). She somehow gets young Insectafae to stay with her. It is my theory that what happened to Baldaquin and their children is now happening to Coupant and theirs as well (though Coupant is merged with Vawn... increasingly, it seems... then the effect is pouring out into all of Eagle's Rook. One wonders if it will continue to spread throughout Chimeron, or if the effects will stay confined within the walls of Eagle's Rook).

Research within the Library of Chimeron, November 23rd-December 3rd, 52,025 Y.D.:
One book was worn but not particularly old: it talked about old myths and had sketches of them. It was written by Mark Fernshold. In this book, the legend or myth I was searching for only got a small paragraph: "Black Annis...sometimes called the third aspect of the goddess, in the time of winter. She is the Hag, the Crone, the Death figure and the war bringer. This particular version of her, clawed out of the caves for herself with her long, sharp fingernails." The picture: it's black ink on parchment. A withered woman, but her back is to us as she tends a fire. In the background of the picture there was a sword symbolizing the war aspect. Her fire is important, the picture denotes, in ways of ritual and worship. The color of the fire was sketched bright white, oddly enough. There was also a blasted, wrecked, dead flower... nothing left to it.
"A hunt took place once every two years for the one-eyed wizened crone, immensely strong with sharp tearing teeth, long black claws and a blue face. She was said to hide in the remnants of a giant pine, long since felled that was once the remnants of a great forest, which covered the area. From this lofty perch she would leap out and eviscerate unwary travelers." She kills trees, too?!
"Although partial to all human flesh, she took particular delight in eating young men and women, especially children whom she flayed alive. She then hung their skins like a grisly trophy upon the walls of a cave known as the The Bower of Annis. Its said she created this place though dark magics and cutting, forming the caves and tearing through rock with her cold iron claws. One can only imagine the intimidation parents used, with the horror of Black Annis looming in their children's nightmares."
Looks more pristine, and scribed in fancy Common: Black Annis - Faerie Legend of Widespread Myth by Kate Westwood. It begins:
"There will be but a few readers who have not heard of the infamous Black Annis. For virtually every book that refers to Anu or Danu, there is a mention of Annis, and about half of these refer to 'Gentle' Annis or Cailleach Bheur (or Beare). Black Annis crops up not only in books on folklore, mythology or witchcraft, but also historical tomes - especially ones on Faerie.

Notes: Much of what Metron found in the library is folklore, and while there certainly is some value in it, it should be viewed as unconfirmed intelligence, unless you confirm it. - V

The Tales
"Annis has borne many names over the years - Black Anna, Black Anny, Black Agnes as well as Cat Anna. Her dwelling was a cave (called Black Anna's, or Black Annis's Bower) in the low-lying hills on the outskirts of Faerie. Annis is supposed to have claw have clawed the cave out of the sandstone rock using naught but her long, and very sharp, nails (supposedly made of iron). At its mouth grew a pollarded pine in which Black Annis crouched in order to pounce on unsuspected children. These she carried off into her cave, sucked them dry of blood and ate their flesh before draping their flayed skins of her victims out to dry on the pine's branches. She wore a skirt sewn from the skins of her human prey. As she also preyed on animals, local shepherds blamed any lost sheep on her hunger. Many a generation of mortal young, if either naughty or out after dark, were told 'watch out or Annis will get you.'
"By the late century her cave was filling up with earth. An eye witness said the cave was 4-5 feet wide and 7-8 feet long and having a ledge of rock, for a seat, running along each side. A tunnel was said to connect Black Anni's Bower with a Keep or Castle and she had free-run of its length with the tunnels under the earth, that, once again, she dug with iron claws.
"An account of Annis was related to me by a gypsy woman: Three children were sent out by their wicked step-mother to collect fire-wood. As night descended they feared to see Black Annis who only came out after dark for, it was said that daylight would turn her to stone'. They heard a snuffling and, through a hole in their fae-stone, saw Black Annis. Unable to escape her whilst carrying the faggots, they dropped them and ran. Annis bloodied up her legs on the on the bundles, and mumbling and cursing to herself, went to her bower to rub her legs with salve. Then she came back fort he children and caught up with them at their cottage door. Their father came out with an axe and hit Annis full in the face. She began to run for her cave shouting, "Blood! Blood!" but just then the Yule bells began to

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