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Tiptoeing through the Tulips - Destroying Black Annis

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In just a few weeks time we will be attempting to destroy Black Annis and release the souls she now has enthralled. Information specific to this end should be posted under this heading.

Some clarification on our reason for undertaking this task. Aside from the basic motivation of destroying a great evil,(There IS no Pure Evil in NATURE! So narrow-minded are they who only see with their eyes open.), we are also looking to retrieve the souls of three individuals who are currently under Annis' control:Varend, a soldier from Eagle's Rook named Michael, and one of the Coupants, Lance. I believe that Nyx was also in a similar state, but believe that has been since rectified.

There is also freeing the Insectafae from a terror that has plagued them for their entire existence as well as freeing the entirety of Baldaquin and its' children from the effects of the sleeping sickness. (Protection? Prevention?)

What questions do we need answered before we go into this place?
Some recent ones myself:
"How do I effectively destroy that which threatens my daughter and the other children of the spirit I carry inside me?"
"To be most effective, erase all of the current sources of her power (a bug, a man, a boy, a girl...)...turn these four back to your side, if you can, and the fifth will be most apparent."(Baldaquin?)

This seems very important, as I hadn't heard this before. It's just not Alice we need to wake up, there are 4. My guesses would be Baldaquin for the Insectafae, and Alice. But I also wonder if this is not referring to individuals from a previous time. The man could also be Varend, since he willingly gave himself to Annis (I think). I'm not entirely sure who the boy is. Thoughts?
(Bug-Lance Boy-Varend Girl-Alice Man-Michael)

"Can the spirit of the ranger who lies sleeping now be returned to us through some other means beside going to the place where he is imprisoned and setting him free there?"

"When one has willingly given himself to a cause, only the Truth can sway him from it. It must be presented precisely and clearly...and how does one track a ranger in dreams?"

There is some discussion on the Chimeron list which I'll try and bring over (or at least a summary of).

"What are the secrets the children of the spirit inside me have kept from me?"

"...The cruel, hot summer leads into the long, dark fall becoming the cold, killing winter until spring replenishes us all..."(YES!!! *Dark to Light! Death brings rebirth! Death is not to be FEARED. It is a part of Nature's ORDER. It means Spring is a time of Renewal, rebirth, Life's Cycle!)

I have no idea what this means, unless it's a metaphor for what the Insectafae have been through, nor why they would keep this secret. Clearly there is something more that I'm just not seeing.

Some insight from Pyr, slightly modified for security's sake:

In order to rescue Varend, we must go into Black Annis' Skerry. A Skerry is not quite the Dreaming, but is more of a Soft Place between here and the Dreaming. From personal experience, they tend to have a theme, in that there is usually a force or something that all things in that Skerry adhere to. Zeek [McKrye] can speak more on this and correct me if I am wrong. There is a 'Key' (yes, I've seen it) that is supposed to "open the prison" When Annis built this cage, I saw the blueprints on the table... but I was too young to run.), both Varend and Alice are in. As well as the last of the Insectafae.

Alice is the One's Sister. While looking for the One (who had been slain by goblins under the direction of who became Black Annis), she told Alice she was a Queen and she would help Alice find her older sister. Alice believed Black Annis and through this belief gave the bad faerie strength. In this Skerry, we have the potential to "wake Alice up". She believes she's in the service of the Red Queen and is very happy there. She does not remember who she really was or what she originally
(The Red Queen is Black Annis. Black Annis is also known as the queen of "bad faeries".)

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