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peal and she fell down dead.
"The gypsy claimed Annis's howling could be heard as far as five miles away and, when Annis ground her teeth the sound was so loud that all the people had time to lock and bar their doors. The gypsy also said, 'Because the people didn't have window-glass in those days, witch-herbs were tied above the apertures to stop Annis reaching inside with her very long arms and grabbing their babies.'
"Annis was said to be very tall with a blue face and long white teeth. Other descriptions say Annis's teeth were of a short yellow rather than white and that she only had one eye. All agree her face was hideous and blue."

December 8th, 52,025 Y.D.: MISSIVE FROM VAREND
Everyone -
I finally get sleep again, and what happens? I dream! Fortunately this one was much safer than the last... Any thoughts are welcome. I do request you do not share this with too many people though, I don't want people to think I'm some kind of seer!
Here is what I remember of my dream from the other night.
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    Dream 12/07/05 - While sleeping in Eagle's Rook...
    I was in Eagle's Rook. The room I was in was shades of blue. (IE white, blue, black - no grey).(I've had this dream, too! Could we be having the same problem?) I was in the Eagle's Rook barracks, but they looked new. They were spotless and empty.
    I went looking around for people, but saw no one. I heard singing and saw a white light coming out of the tower window (the tower we all wanted to visit Vawn in).(I didn't know about any of this.)
    I climbed up the stairs, and they were MUCH longer than they really are. At the top was a door leading to a room with three women in it. The first was an old crone (Annis!), the second was a young singer (the One!), and the third was Ducheneux the Blue.
    The Blue motioned for me to come over. She had a deck of tarot cards and offered to do me a reading. I chose "The Three Fates", which was a reading to tell the past, present, and future. I said I wanted to hear both the good and the bad. I do not remember much about the reading, though. Apparently I was represented by The Magician, but that card wasn't drawn. This represented me lacking a clear direction. I remember two other cards - The Queen of Swords was the first card, and it was reversed (I think). The Six of Wands was the last card, and it was right side up (I think). The second card was also me. The basic message was this: The Queen was a sarcastic woman of some sort, I can't recall. The future was that I would eventually achieve my goal, though the path was uncertain and unexplored. It included traveling into a soft spot... This future conclusion made Annis smirk, because my question had been, "How do I hunt down and destroy Black Annis?" (although I simplified it to be "How do I defeat Black Annis?")(Did he get an answer or not??)
    After the reading finished, I asked the fortune teller why the old woman responded the way she did. The answer was "Don't you recognize her? That's Annis." Since I was obviously disturbed by this news, she went on to say, "Don't worry, this is a neutral place. She cannot hurt you here and you cannot hurt her."
    After that I asked who was the young woman singing - "That is the one singing for her lost lover." (or something similar) I asked if this was the woman who the insectafae were created for and The Blue said "That I cannot answer."
    Lastly I asked who she was, since I hadn't thought about that yet. "I am known as Ducheneux the Blue, though that is not the name I prefer." I asked what name she preferred. - "I prefer Ducheneux."
    Now that I knew who was who, being hesitant to approach Annis, I approached the singer. I didn't want to interrupt her song, but I wanted to see her face. (It was facing the window, and I couldn't see). I approached, commented on her beautiful singing, and then as I was approaching at an angle in which I could see her profile, I was suddenly blinded by sunlight and awoke.
    And that was the dream to the best of my recollection. The next morning when I awoke, I received an unmarked package and a letter from the Red.
    - Varend

    December 28th, 52,025 Y.D.
    I was in the middle of scribing and working on notes for my cartography, when after several hours I noticed that I's jotted something down in the margin of the sheet of parchment I was on at that point. There were only the four lines of text that I don't remember writing. The handwriting doesn't look like my own either, but I was the only one in the room for the whole afternoon.
    The Message (?)
    "A dead wolf.
    A sleeping fox.
    A daring plan.
    A worried fae."

    Note: I think this poem represents Janus, Nyx, and Gaze respectively, unless one of the young adventurers

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