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Did you truly believe you were free?
That freedom really exists?
Love is the closest thing we have
and it is less
and more

April's Child

Diskordia brought daffodils
and Eris' treetop babes
when Tymora changed her mind.
She swooped on the tender breeze
and banked into my thoughts.

Come close, soft elfin child, be unafraid,
Luna's chains hold me tight
They rub my ankles raw.
No words or wishes whispered by you
can destroy them.

I am content to hear your song.
Fly, sweet spirit, over renaissance.
Let the toasted air fill your wings.
Arouse the trees with your flight.

blind faith

The moon reluctantly rose
through the spray of clouds
and I recognized it
hailed it
and sat in the meadow snow
feeling nothing but the silvered silence
the two shared together in Their void expanse
listening for the first time to the familiar harmonies
and, surprisingly,
almost understanding Them.

and then I said

so extremely
perfect, snowflake-on-velvet
she stands before the lion

proud, pawing creature
of regal past
and abundant future
prowls perilously near
suspiciously eyes his prey
being but a lion
mindlessly devours it.

cannot read

She said "follow me"
but I tried choking her first
I fought
and kicked and writhed
in my own grasp of straws
and drew the short sword
and thus walked alone
for my treachery innocently created.

And they stood, backs to me,
as if I had never been in the first place
so when I made it so,
why did they get angry at me?

She said "follow me"
And I gave up
and did so.
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