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Profound Nonsense for Pat
(for P.G.)

Did you ever want to
walk barefoot through a bungalow
while your mind raced in green-sun
pastures that dreamed of metal
destroyed by a wisp of milkweed?

Me neither.

Plea from Village #24 or A Fond Farewell to the...

Look what they've done to it.
Look what they've done.
Look ever so carefully
at what they've done.
They've ground it
and smashed it,
devoured it whole,
twisted and mashed it
and shattered its soul.

Look what they've done to it.
Let's see what they've done.
Those wonderful people
who fell from the sun
tracked it.
cornered it,
stripped it bare
savagely raped it,
murdered it there.

And what will they say to us?
What will they say?
That there is no room
for this kind today?
Will you nod?
Will you bear it
and say, "Why, of course!"?
Will you swallow the rainbows
and add to their force?
Will you help them to wash
the stain from their hands?
Will you crawl through their caverns
and kneel on their sands?
Will you offer the match
That burns all the land?

And what will you do then?
Wish it away? Flip a coin?
What will you do?
When those who come after point
When a child points
at you
and demands that you explain?

on watching the flight of a heron over the meadow at twilight

The twilight flight
coaxes a sigh
to wander
past a forest of wish
and a river of reflection
to seek out a burning bush
teng huanese laughter
a misplaced mountain
and a blood-stained tree
and to consummate it journey
where the four-part is sung
of growing into childhood
Created by Janna Oakfellow-Pushee at 02-26-10 11:30 PM
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