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solitude #4

this skin-thin boundary surrounding me
defines me
keep me

keeps me from
perfect union
with anything

and these feelings
are mine
in life

and if I were to tear away
this barrier
I know my thoughts
would grow skin


everything is singular
in my Creation

and the communication of me
falls prey to
the confines
of the words and actions
translations and interpretations

and it saddens me
to know that
nobody Here will fully understand

on strife

he whined to her that
she was making a mistake
and it was all
I could do not
to yell across that
they were both
petty and selfish

so I punched him instead
and asked her if
she was bothered by the man
not that I really cared
but if I break his face
I break her heart

jealous of the moon

it must be nice
to change your form
and mood within
a few days' time.
whenever you do it,
men are happy and
women say it is tradition.
whenever I
I get put away until
I have calmed


"Great oaks from little acorns grow."
she said this to me
as if expecting me to change
right on the spot.

I threw up.

Remembering the death of Nero

The silent day weeps
and the nothing-crystals of dreams
trickled down the pane
and trick No into believing

An exhausted earth
toothlessly yawns,
and countless forgotten glories,
elaborate truths,
and famous nobodies
ooze from between the lips.

Remembers of When
dance on snowflakes
with the brilliance of longing
and hues of hope,
but colors run
in tomorrow's water
as they swim through
the streams of thought,
leaving all to forget
the trials of peace
and the death of immortality

leaving behind all to ponder
an extremely delicate situation

proof of Her

when I push
on the inside walls
of thoughts
I sometimes feel
a kind of pressure
pushing back.
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