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Poetry from the Church

Author: James "Jim" Hetrick
Place/Gathering Discovered: Paradise, Feast of Min, in the fields
Date: July 13 1007
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn
And for one split second
I found myself
on a night cliff
staring at a deep black.
And although I know
I was right on all counts
and you were more than likely
positively dead wrong,
your wounds
bled me
for the first time
as usual.

solitude #1
seems that
no matter what company I keep
who I am with
is always
just me

(for Mary Ellen)

there is a time
between the absolute of night
and the certainty of day
when crickets and birds
share the same air,
and that concert coaxes the fog into the pastures
and the sun to the hills.
then all sound fades to Yes
to honor
This new
This magic
This sweetness
This dawning

and I have been given a whole new day
to love you all over again.
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