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Along the east coast:
Tales of brigand activity still continue to slow trade caravans. There are
several wanted posters in the area for a thief called 'Ghost' and his two
Members of the Red Arrow Trading Imporium are posting the reward.

South of Chimeron and East of Glendale and Freehold:
Three villages in as many months have passed on a tale of a phantom funeral
procession moving through their main roads. This peculiarity has only
occured at dusk on rainy evenings. The participants are unknown, heavy
cloaked and robed in black. They are said to have a fell air about them.
The only sound from them was the ominous sound of their black, wooden carts
creaking over the uneven ground. No actual coffins were seen.
No one has yet challenged this procession. Nor has it passed on anything
more than worries of ill-omen.
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