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WhiteCoast City:
The heroes and heroines have returned Galleos and most of his gang to the city after a death defying trip. Upon return, a fierce battle had already started between the city folk and a large band of lizard men.
A hole in the newly built tower's walls were also made/seen by an unknown invisible threat. The city seems to be handling the attacks, noted by the many food breaks the warriors are taking.

The healing village on the northern coast of the land has been finishing up the construction on the many houses and buildings. Because they had found ancient ruins among the swamps and grasses in this region, construction went slow. Same went with the docks that are being put up.

A dwarven convention has been going in and out of this whitecoast village for days now. Rumor has it that Galleos Seaelf was seen walking wearily towards the place muttering Balinor and Brighthammer's name.

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