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Nymphus Yarrow: It has been reported that a ghost walks the road from Nymphus Yarrow to Qua Terreth Nunna, then back for the past week. While difficult to detect in daylight, at night one can see it quite plainly. Travelers on the road say it leaves a sweet smelling fog in its wake. No one has approached it thus far.

L'havre foret(the abandonded Puck's Hollow): The remainders of the scouts have left for the winter. Sir Mahkra McKrye was celebrated off to her new mission Northeast, and was praised in song and beer. She in turn left the village outside of L'Havre foret well stocked for the winter with her hunting luck. The village is still awaiting the return of Magus Bright Oakfellow.

South of Tarngire, Borderlands: Outside the Ruins of Silmataurae, a ghostly woman lies weeping for a lost seed.
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