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Northern Borderlands & L'Havre Foret: Hunters are bringing home plentiful game, telling stories of a fat, white stag. Sir Mahkta has been teaching the young children how to fight and how to hunt. Training is successful so far, and the scouts are happy to have
her there.

Qua Terreth Nunna: Locals were surprised/confused to see two Court Mages of Chimeron walking side by side. One went in and paid his respects to the small temple. When he exited a one-sided arguement ensued with the other Magus, followed by a chase. Peasants rounded up a group of men to find the nature of the visit(s) and came upon one Magus dragging the other away from the village. Attempts to approach were met with a blinding light. When sight returned both were gone from public view.
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