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Western Realms, near Rhiassa: During the night, a large band of un-dead has moved through the area, heading East and North, killing any living mammal or animal that got in its way. They were moving swiftly, almost faster than a horse can run. Destination is unknown; rangers, hunters and like did not want to get close. The only thing they could report is an eerie green glow seems to move with them.

Chimeron: A call to arms has been sounded early this morning: the un-dead horde is said to have stopped somewhere in Northern Chimeron. The King has called for all available forces to come to bear upon the enemy.

Northern Chimeron: A bright light can bee seen for hundreds of miles inside the Northern borders, emanating from the woods. People near enough to see claim they can hear a scream within the explosive noise that follows the light.

Roads Connecting Lunataris to the Realms: The usually active and troublesome brigandage in the area has been strangely subdued. Non-existent. What few scouts and militia as could patrol the area have found old and empty camps only.
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