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Cawdyll: Gypsies on the Warpath! The body of a teenaged gypsy boy was found stuffed under a bush near a main trade road this morning. The youth's back and neck were apparently broken by a terribly strong assailant, and his blood was somewhat drained, most likely by a Vampire.

According to the Gypsy seer, the boy had been missing for almost a week, but the body is not that far gone- he may have been killed as little as a day ago. The seer also says that the boy's killer was an elvish looking vampire.... They would appreciate information on the whereabouts of the vampire....

Isle of the Seven Sons: The strange phenomenon to the south has not abated, and has in fact, grown. A noticeable change in the ocean's temperature has been found - it is steadily growing hotter. Strange alternating red and green lights have been seen coming from the source of the disturbance. Ships not heeding the warnings to stay clear of the area have been lost.

Lunataris: Residents were surprised last night when a strange red light was seen in the mountains to the south west of the outpost. The 'Dragon City', to the west, has been fortunately quiet. This red light phenomenon is new to them, but fortunately does not appear related to the Dragon Lords.
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