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Altwin Pax: The Giant Purple slug dissolved as it reached the borders of the enchanted forest. The stench is appalling, and can be scented as far as Caer Candra.

Banecroft: Residents of Nadina lake claim to have seen a bright light off the northern shore in the middle of the night. The scorched remains of the resident mermaid and two of the angels were found by fisherman early this morning. The other angels are missing, presumed dead.

Caer Candra: Residents were awaken early morning by a sound much akin to thunder, but much, much louder. Several windows in town were broken simultaneously, and several residents claim that their houses shook.

Chimeron: A victim of the mutilating vampire was found on the western border.

Creathorne: A horde of undead attacked the home of local hero Eric Crow this morning. The militia was able to beat back the undead with few losses. It is curious to note that the undead didn't leave corpses when they died, and were moaning comments like "Death to McKrye!" and "The Shield is no More!" and "The BOOK! Give us the BOOK!" and "More COLORS!!!" while they attacked...

Folkestone: The Black Dog bandits have struck another merchant train, this one small. Three of the folk working it were killed and scalped, the rest just killed.

Gwenethlin: Unusually rough seas prevented the fishing fleet from leaving port on time, and the Stormport off the coast was uncharacteristically open, though nothing came through it.
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