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May 998

Type of Missve: Public, sent by Sir Tetch Korucanta
Date: May 998, but sent March 27, 1003
Responses: none
I managed to locate my old records of the rumors around that time, which I
will repost here...



Many Preparations are being made in preparation for the coming Marriage of
Sir Callin of Folkestone to Queen Margaurite of Chimeron.
Betting parlors are taking bids as to the success of the Marriage... 4 to 1



Chimeron was invaded by the forces of the Nameless One.

The Queen was apparently kidnapped by the Nameless One after the wedding.

The County of Cawdyll was completely destroyed, as was Chimeron Castle, and
Chimeron Town. Blackwater and Qua Taerith Nunna were hit hard, but saved
through Heroic effort. An obscure temple near Qua Taerith Nunna was also
destroyed. Tetch Wildsong was killed and scalped by ShadowBeasts.


A muster of all the heroes of the realms has begun in front of the new
Castle Chimeron.


Forces of the Realms, headed by a Gnoll, are marching onto the Citadel.
According to the Innkeeps that they met along the way, the heroes have met
with light resistance.

Barony/Southern Folkestone:
The Realms army met with stiffer resistance today as they continued their
trek north.


The Nameless One was Successfully destroyed. Bards tell many tales of the
various heroes of the day. Most notably, Baron Diamond of Banecroft, who
apparently generaled the assault on the Citadel's walls, Sir Shane and
McKrye, who generaled two of the major groups, and Sir Peregrin, who's skill
and magic apparently accomplished many odd magical and martial things -
including the partial shattering of the Nameless One's gate and will to


In Service,

Sir Tetch Korucanta,
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Magi of the Realms
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