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Barony: Residents on Nadina lake were pleasantly surprised to find several hundred large barrels full of fresh fruits and vegestables today... Strange writing was on the barrels.

Cawdyll: A maid was found dead on the road yesterday morning. The killer, perhaps a vampire, was particularly vicious, not only draining the victim's blood, but mutilating her body.

Folkestone: The BlackDog brigands have struck twice more in the last week. On both occasions, the Merchants were killed and their goods completely looted. Three guards were unrecoverable by raise dead spells after the attacks.

Gwenethlin: The clipper 'Good Tidings' reports a strange weather phenomenon off the coast of Tang Hua. Apparently, a 'curtain' of green tinged lightening and rain is 'walling off' a section of the sea. The seas are very rough near the strange phenomenon...

Pax Tharkus: A maid was found dead near her home today. Her body was apparently the victim of a vampire attack, as her blood had been nearly completely drained, apparently from a double punctured neck wound.
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