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Aspis Darkvale: Official Messengers report that yet another group of drow have violated their borders, and were destoyed. This group was heavily armed and aggressive, looking for the Barony of Banecroft.

Folkestone: A large caravan bound for Tuath Fasach was attacked by the Black Dog brigands, two guards were scalped and 11 were missing from the train. The merchants themselves were only killed.

Gwenethlin: The localized storm off the coast of TangHua rages on. Yesterday, a ship with strange colors, rode out of the storm, only to be destroyed by the tides, wind and lightning.

Nearby vessels fished some barrels of fresh fruit out of the wreckage, but no survivors were found.

General: Several adults and young adults have been complaining about having nightmares. Mothers are still reporting that their young ones are having nightmares and night terrors. Many are wondering if Marie is available to help, and are asking about her whereabouts.
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