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The Black & White Speech -1007

Unto the court of Chimeron, His Majesty King Sir Pyr, Members of Paradise, and assembled guests:

Thanks to Sir Vawn Coupant and to Eagle's Rook for hosting the Black & White in this year 1007 M.R.

Shortly after the loss of Lord Nero, Paradise was set upon by many enemies. Its peasantry was scattered to the north-west of Chimeron, and to the north-east of Heidenkries. Some went east and crossed a bit of the sea to Teng Hua and the Kingdom of Flowers, others went directly west to the Borderlands and into the Free Kingdoms. And still, there were some that stayed. They stayed through sicknesses that ravaged the city, and through fire from zealots that tried to 'purge the heretics'. They stayed through Illinarian invasion, and they held fast through feelings of abandonment and betrayal, and even madness. Led by General Slaader and Baron Diamond, many young heroes rose to the challenges on and off-the-field in restoring Paradise into a safe harbor, defeating the forces of King Gabriel and that of the beast known as Darak'Tur.

Of the heroes defending Paradise during that season, two were sworn into Paradise unofficially, in front of the Southern King and the ruling body over the city at that time. Since then, a third petitioned the ranks and worked his way into member status; all wishing to test themselves, their abilities, set goals for themselves and their countrymen, and to flourish under Paradisian leadership. Assembled guests, I present to you Squire Gryffin Darkwillow, Harlest of Silverthorne, and Rorin, an Acolyte of Luna's teachings.

These three have expressed their desire to join the nation of Paradise and to continue their service to the Realms, allied also with the Southern Kingdoms. It is my will and command that they be publicly sworn in at this court, so as to leave no doubt their loyalty, and also so that those assembled from the Realms here may bear witness to their oaths this day.

Written by my hand, Governor Aberes, in the second harvest month, 27th day, 1007 M.R.

(Name), listen to the words I am about to speak, and please respond with either 'I will' or 'I do'.

Anyone in the Realms can create a guild or a group to fit their own mindset. In Paradise, we are re-building our nation from what little we have left. This message isn't just for the new-comers in Paradise, nor for its members, but for all who lay claim to some faction or nation: if you don't stand up for your nation, who will? If you do not care for your nation, who will? Allies are always welcomed, but due to Fate are sometimes delayed. Siege engines break, walls come crashing down, lands and people are put to the torch or sent scurrying across the hillsides in the snow... If you do not defend your nation, who will defend it for you?

(Name), do you swear to protect the people of Paradise, its members, its Archon, and its Hierophant at all times?

(Name), do you swear to lend your aid to Paradise when it is in trouble, celebrate when it is prosperous, and sorrow when it has suffered loss?

(Name), do you swear not to speak falsehood against Paradise, its people or members, but to strike at the heart of lies and gossip to find the truth?

And finally, (Name), do you swear to always give your best for Paradise, for to give anything less is to sacrifice the gift?

Then Welcome to Paradise... You'll never be the same.
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