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Paradise was a sub-nation of Chimeron that had three leaders: the late Nero, his older daughter who was named Hope, and then his younger daughter Iawen (who back then was named Aberes). The area, the city, and many of its people were swallowed up by The Infinite Darkness, but although Mad Tom was destroyed and the land made brand new, the souls that perished chose to live in Danaan instead. Their last leader, Hope, took the worship of the Five Ladies to the Felwood and swore under a new Lord, so all that remains of Paradise are the memories and the stories of those that still live, an odd living place built by Sir Laurante of the Red Branch, and the occasional black & purple rowan leaf heraldry favors that are found on belts.

All that remains of Paradise, any snippet or trivia I can find, I will place down in the entries and date where I can where I can. - Sir Iawen Penn, KoEF, in Coventry (the first month of 1015 M.R.)
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