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Nero's Will

Author: Nero
Date: November 21,1005

My friends and family,

I apologize to all of you for being so out of touch lately. The economy of Paradise was not recovering as well as I had originally hoped, and I felt I needed to put my affairs here in order first, to ensure that our people can thrive this winter, and not worry about hunger. I believe the crops are coming in strong now, and that things are in order.

I should be back in touch, and around the Keep, as much as usual from here until the journey to Bedlam. Thank you for being patient with me, when there must be so many questions. I am here to answer them now, and to explain what I can.

I would ask that all of you who are members of the nation, or petitioners, journey to Eagle's Rook this Friday evening for the Chimeron meeting. It will be an excellent opportunity to discuss many things, and for me to present what I know about the quest into Bedlam. You are all also welcome to ask me any time for more information.

The quest to save Bouquet, and all the other fae lost to Wayland, is also a quest for all of Faerie, all of Chimeron, all of the Realms, and more. We cannot fail, no matter what the cost.

Luna and Tyche have made it very clear that any of us who go on this quest stand a far better chance of being lost forever, than of succeeding. I will not ask any of you, be you family, follower, or friend, to journey with me. However, though it would pain me to leave you, I myself must go on this quest.

Because of the risk, I am reminded that my life is in Fortuna's hands now. I have done my best in recent weeks to put my affairs in order. A sad part of this process is the document below.

With Love,
Nero Xenophanaios Andrarchos Queleel-Men'tuan
Lord of Paradise


Unto the people of Paradise, my beloved family, my dear friends, my Kingdom, and our allies, I hereby make this last Will and Testament. While I shall always strive to survive, and maintain the optimism of the coming day, I know in my heart that my thread is ever in Fortuna's grasp.

It goes without saying that the heir to my role as Archon of Queleel-Men'tu, known in the Realms by the two titles of Lord of Paradise and Hierophant of the Church of the Five Ladies, goes to my dear eldest child, Hope Neraia Philandra Queleel-Men'tuan.

Hope, should this responsibility pass to you this time, know that it will be permanent. I know you can shoulder it, and grow into a strong woman able to lead our people. When this happens, it will be appropriate for you to consider taking on a new epithet, replacing Philandra (lover of mankind) with a name of your own choice in the old tongue. I am sorry that childhood has to come to an end, and hope you can hold on to part of yours for many centuries.

The rule of Paradise will pass wholly to you, upon my death. My oath to Chimeron will still stand, as it was made on behalf of all of our people. Remember to look to your King, and the Royal House, for guidance. They, as well as your family, should always be those you go to first.

I will be asking a few people to look after you, as you get used to the burden or ruling. They will contact you, if it becomes necessary. Think of them as honored elders, trusted advisers, and friends. You may also find it helpful to make use of the council I put together.

Let it be known that the succession of Paradise falls from me, to Hope. Should Hope have a child of her own, the succession would fall to that child. Otherwise, the next in line for the responsibility and honor is my daughter Aberes. Aberes, should you agree to this duty, you will need to speak with the gods Iris or Hermes, and make sure you are of their lineage in the same way Hope and I are.

The rule of Paradise comes with ownership of much of the nation's land, the Keep and Towers, and many of my possessions. Any item not mentioned in this will should be taken to be the property of Hope, my heir, upon my passing.

To Aberes, I leave my love, and my apologies for not having been a better father. I also leave any of my possessions with a connection to your mother, Bouquet. This includes my crystal heart, my vial of pixie dust, and my staff. When your mother returns, I know she will be proud of you. I also decree that a room in the keep shall always be yours, as well as all you need to live a healthy life there, whether you stay in Paradise, or find yourself moving on as you reach adulthood.

To Sarriette, I leave the long knife of the demon lord. I will not commit the name of the demon, or of the dagger, to paper. Use it wisely, should it be needed to rescue your sister after I am gone. Know it is dangerous, and must never be touched by anyone whose soul is not protected. I also leave to you my copy of the Message of Luna, and of the documents delivered to Zeek by Mad Maudlin.

Unto my dear old friend, Critias, I leave your choice of any books in the library which belong to me. I know many of them are yours already. I also leave the promise that you will always have a home in Paradise, no matter where life takes you.

Unto Tom Rime, I bequeath an indefinite extension of his lease of the lands of Northern Paradise, at the price of one gold coin per annum, or use of as much magical ice as Paradise requires, for as long as he keeps his oath not to be an enemy to the Realms. Should he be lost again to the enemy's influence, the lease may be renewed whenever he returns to the light, for as long as the point of Periandros stands and Paradise exists.

Unto my closest friends, I bequeath rooms in Paradise whenever they should want them. This includes Sir Lysis, Sir Elwick, Dameon Midnight, Gryffin, and Alister.

The matter of all petitioners to Paradise, including Metron and Sarriette, will be the decision of the new ruler. It is my recommendation that both be given full citizenship at the completion of their term petitioning. It would be appropriate for Sarriette to be sworn-in at the Black and White Masquerade this year, and for Metron to be sworn-in at the next Feast of Chimeron.

By my hand,
Nero Xenophanaios Andrarchos Queleel-Men'tuan

Critias Lac'Nala Qu'ellar-Orl
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