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Current Regionals

1. Light - Per Omnibus

2. Dream - Per Omnibus

3. Protect the Soul - Must be cast on another, not the caster. Otherwise, per Omnibus.

4. Purity - Per Omnibus, but you must choose either Purity to Disease or Purity to Poison.

5. Gift of Protection - Circle of Protection per Omnibus, with the following exception: Before first casting, you must name one person (other than yourself) who counts as the "Caster" in terms of passing through, and using magic through, this circle. You are still the one who can break or re-cast this circle.

6. Rescue - 1 use, 40 word verbal - Cast this spell at the beginning of the day/event. At this time, you must choose one subject for this spell, who must be willing. At any time, you may return that person to the place where the spell was cast. However, you may only cast it if you do not know either A.) where they are or B.) whether they are safe.

7. Luna's Intervention - A divine intervention that will only be answered by Luna. The strength of this spell varies based on the phase of the moon. A ritual or sacrifice may also be required, as usual.
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