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She dusted the gray and black tabbard off. "Well, like I said... Who is in charge? What is the Highest Rank one can achieve in the group? What is it like to quest with them? Is there a Knighthood? Are they in the Free Kingdoms? Basically things that a Newbie would want to know, y'know?"

The other woman leaned back in her chair. "I see... Paradise... is a sub-nation and ally of the Kingdom of Chimeron, so no... currently we are not of the Free Kingdoms. Everything in the Realms can change, though, at any given moment."
She pushed up her glasses on the bridge of her nose. "The Highest Rank one could achieve is Hierophant, that is, the people's spiritual leader and main leader overall, to which we look to Lady Hope. When the Hierophant cannot be the main leader, or is missing, that is where the Archon comes in. As she is still active in these Realms, I have not yet made a bid for Archon. Paradise City is run by a Council of six members normally, of which I am one. One can, after a year of sworn service to the nation, run for Council."
Aberes looked out the window, viewing the Keep and the old Tower with a small look of sadness. "Otherwise, there are no Knighthoods of Paradise. There are no active Guilds in Paradise. When one is a petitioner of Paradise, they would find an eclectic group of mainly female questers, two of which are channelers. They'd find a strong Alchemist as well, and a heavy Seer influence sits in the group at large. That's not to say fighters nor males are not welcome," she added, turning back to Freesia, who sat with a mischievous grin on her face. "I actually do foresee us growing stronger in the male department, and with more individual and Church members following Luna every week, I wouldn't be surprised if we gained quite a few Shamans or Sages."

"Paradise is also home to many a breed and race of people that can live and work side by side. When one joins Paradise, they are referred to as Master (male) or Mistress (female). Other titles may include: Militiaman/Guardsman (if going the way of the sword), Scribe (if going the way of a Seer/Librarian of sorts), or Acolyte (if following a religious/magical path)." Aberes leaned forward again, placing her elbows on the desk.

"What about colors? Banners? Heraldry?"

"It actually is close to many in the Realms in that we all tend to share a love for black. Paradise's main heraldry colors are purple and black, but with the joining of its country to Chimeron, they fly a green fielded flag with a silver rowan leaf as well. Thankfully, we tend not to clash."

"Fair enough. Anything else?"

"Well... while called Paradise, it should be noted that it is in fact only Southern
Paradise. Northern Paradise is a completely different place, a story reserved for
another time."

"Oh, come on!"

"...no. That's enough for today."
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