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Her Tower Opens for Youth

Posted 2/15/1005 M.R.:

The Church of Luna is preparing to open itself to community aid this spring. Positions are needed for caretakers and teachers as the Church will begin to accept any minors (persons under the age of 16 years) for room & board. Basic schooling is included and at the age of 16 any child in care of the church will be assisted with finding employment opportunities and becoming independent.

Positions are currently paid with free room & board.

Older children boarding in the church will assist in the new church gardens that will be tilled and planted this spring to grow medicinal herbs.

The cost of boarding is negotiable in trade and/or gold, and will be determined on an individual basis (based on need and financial status) of the parties.

If you would like to assist the church in its efforts, any donations of labor or goods can be sent to the keep during daylight hours. If you would like to provide employment opportunities for youths leaving the church please send missives directly to the Tower.

May Luna's light shine brightly,
Priestess Hope Neria Philandra Queleel-men'tuan
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