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Letter from Nero, FoM 17

Author: Nero
Place/Gathering Discovered: Hidden temple of Luna(Feast of Min 17)
Date: July 1007
Transcribed by: Aberes
-There is a symbol of a Crescent Moon on the Luna letter-


If you are reading this, then you have probably read four similar messages already.

I hope your quest was a success. I have faith in you, or I would not have written these messages to those who come after me.

In time, and in the right hands, the objects you find will make their purposes clear.

I miss you all. I am sorry for my failures, and grateful for the chance to make amends. Be well.

(odd sigil, then) N E R O (his entire name)

P.S. Almost forgot. The Lantern is here, but very well hidden. I'm sure you will work it out if you have need for it.
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