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Her Message about Bedlam

This is a recovered message from Sir Gaiden Shadowfyr of Folkestone, that Luna spoke into his ears directly when he came back at North/South War, from falling into the Darkness that night at that Feast of Chimeron in 1010 M.R. ... you'll have to get the whole message from him if you find him. - Iawen Penn

Harken to my words, my friends and foes:
The Infinite Dark does not rest because you rest.
It thrives, it moves ever onward, in all directions
that even children cannot imagine.
The Infinite Dark does not care about "victory
and defeat", for it does not care about anything
at all. It destroys, it is madness, an all-
consuming blackness that even the Dark One
cringes at. For there cannot be a final battle
if there is no one and nothing around to fight,
not even the gods!
Heed the words I say: a Messenger is coming
after me, one who knows your enemy, one who
understands your plight. I beg with you, HEAR
the words spoken, and remain vigilant!
For if you do not heed me, you will not heed
the Messenger, and all of this will be for
naught. I shall cry for your souls, and then
for our own.
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