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Expedition of d'Farrow Caves

Author: Jonas Deschain (unconfirmed)
Place/Gathering Discovered: Feast of Ivory IV
Transcribed by: Sir Aberes

Property of the Scribes of the Kingdom of Armont.

This journal belongs to Jonas Deschain

Page 1
- This is the offical record of the expedition to the d'Farrow Caves, as led by Jonas Deschain, by order of his majesty. Long live the prince.

This book will serve as an offical record as well as my personal journal for the duration of the expedition. [Jonas's signature] - Kingdom of Armont, Royal Expeditionary Force

Page 2 - Day 1: My men and I have arrived at the d'Farrow Caves and are assessing the situation before venturing in. The people's stories hear are heartbreaking and I cannot wait the required day to rest the men. I am eager to deal with the situation and return.

Day 4: The past day has been nothg but clean-up. The under-human problem has been taken care of. I breathe a sigh of relief for those poor farmer we met just days ago. They need not fear the nigh time raids from those filthy under-humans any longer.

Page 3 - Day 7: No sooner do we finish with the under-humans, but we are attacked again. Twenty of my men were taken by surprise as they explored one of the adjacent tunnels.
It appears that these new creatures are made of either some moss or fungus. They are interest if not hostile creatures. They seem to emitt some type of natural light or glow. They are truly worth studying.

Day 10: Cave in. Casualties high. Will write more in the morning.

Page 4 - Day 11: A massive cave in occurred during our second watch. It seems that I have lot almost 350 of my men. the entrance to the cave has collapsed behind us.
I have sent what men I have left to work on digging us out or have sent them for scouting for food since our supplies are running low. The majority of our equipment lies buried under the earth.

Day 15: I must congradulate my lieutenent for his discovery. the fungus creatues are indeed edible, though the process of preparing them is quite unpleasant.

Page 5 - [Messily written] Day 18: The light is fading as our fuel is running low. Another violent quake has claimed more of my men. What progress we made in getting out has been undone. I fear for our fate. [The end written on a slant.]

Day 21: [Messily written, wild slants] we have been citloff fom the furg us creatures. no food.. no light. we ae hopels .

Page 6 - Day 22: My eyes are adjusting to the lack of light. It's almost as if I can see better in the darkness.
We found some dead fungus creatures fromt he last quake. Between them and our own dead we have some... food to survive.

Day 24: As I performed my morning meditations, strange words came to mind. No sooner than I spoke them I feel as if I know more about this place. Perhaps this is the reason I can see in the dark now. The words were

Page 7 - Day 25: Another quake, another problem... rock elementals. In looking for another way out we found a dead end with some of the lesser elementals. Though quick to dispatch with, they provided me with an opportunity to try more of my new found abilities.
From what I can gather this "shadow magic" as I've begun to think of it is not inherently evil or corrupt. This power is just another part of this world without light. In fact, any light seems to destroy anything I created. Using this magic I have been able to build supports to help strengthen the tunnels. The symbols come to me as I meditate here in the darkness.

Page 8 - Day 26: I found the cause of the quakes. Greater Earth Elemental. Very powerful ones.
They killed the rest of my men. I am alone now.

Page 9 - Day 27: In desperation, I tried something which seems to have contained them. By trial and error I managed to harnest enough power, enough shadow magic to bind the elementals.
Much like the other shadou magic, it will weaken if light is around it. Though I have no doubt that will not happen unless the whole mountain opened up.

Page 10 - The runes, simple by themselves, have been combined with others to create the binding ward.

Hopefully that should do it. The wards create an illusion that will attract the elementals...or that is the theory at least.

Page 11 - Day 28: It worked. Food has been gone for awhile now. I cannot shadow conjure food or nourishment.

Day 29: I don't want to die down here. There is nothing else I can do. I'm only human. I ____

The book ends here.
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