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Possible 'Towns' of Armont

Author: Unknown Cartographer
Place/Gathering Discovered: Feast of Ivory V, d'Farrow Caves
Date: October 3, 1008 M.R.
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen
So one of the things we found while in the d'Farrow caves were maps that have definitely seen better days.

In the southeast-most corner of the map, is a symbol with N in Low Auroran/Common for north pointing straight up.

There was at the southeast-most point a Town near to a break in the Un-named River, heading north to south. It's called Rivercrest. Going clockwise from there - a huge amount of forest and mountains, with Armont written in huge letters across the southern border. There is a very large dot denoting the city or kingdom if you will, but I believe the entire map was the Kingdom at one point, and where the dot has marked the map (southwest) is possibly where the 'seat of power' was.

On the very edge of the map, at the western point, is Cayril, which has a small opening beyond it untouched by forest or mountain. It is the smallest of the dots, leading me to believe it is a village. Heading towards the top of the north point is Weirforth which was a duchy within Armont. It had forest surrounding it, but most has been burned away on this particular map. Heading northeast and back down the un-named river is Thalania, same dot size as Weirforth, so perhaps also a duchy. This one is closer than Rivercrest to the water, so perhaps it was a port area for ships. Through the direct middle of the map runs the Armont River.

In present day, where our Realms map is ever changing: The City of Ivory sits where the source/beginning of the Armont River used to be(or perhaps where it ended). As one can tell, the river now runs a lot longer and from other sources as well. Charlesford is sitting almost exactly where Thalania was, save that its on the water and Thalania was just to the east of the shoreline there. The Netari Woodlands seem to be the only heavily forested area that is around Ivory for any number of miles, and the dirt path that runs past Ivory into the more open mountain range shows off three other un-named rivers.

Thus is my small report on these things.

- Sir Iawen, Knight of the Eternal Flame, Wanderer
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