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After the first gathering where we began hearing whispers of Armont (and met an odd Druid, and such)... I cast some Seer spells to see what the hell we were getting ourselves into. Armont, however... still quiet. Don't know if any of it is relevant any longer.

1. Quake the first over mining Weirforth
2. Vzier ran the place.
3. Underhumans under InBlood Control
4. Jonas kept probing caves. Ilwain ordered Hawthorne(same InBloods) to take out Armont
5. Became trapped, shadow poisoned. Lost book after second quake.

...as a note: why many people are either sided with the Dragons, and those who want the Pillars destroyed, and there are those who side with 'wain and want them to stay put... I put forth that there are other angles and points to explore, that others haven't. Granted, with Armont being very silent, and even Ivory keeping mum as of late on its own front... I don't even know if there is much to research anymore. I haven't given up hope, but I also know that in Life, some mysteries can't be solved. - Iawen Andromeda Penn
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